Thursday, June 11

cloth diapers

So I have to husband who likes to save every nickel possible (and I love him for it!!)... finally convinced me to switch to cloth diapers when Graham was about 2 months old. I wasn't excited...I could only see TONS of laundry & high water bills in my future... :) Now that I've been doing it for about 2 months or so, I have to admit...I kind of like it!! I really haven't noticed a huge difference in inconvenience and doing a load of diapers every 3-4 days really hasn't been that big of a deal. I've really started to love the fact that every time I change a diaper I'm not really putting money in the diaper pail & it's kind to our environment as well. (but for those who only use disposable, I'm not on any type of soapbox and don't care what anyone else chooses to do :) We just use the plain white pre-folded diapers and I use the Thirsties covers which have been great - haven't had any problems. The one thing that I don't like, is that they make his bum much more bulky and so some of his clothes won't fit over them. But I still usually use disposable whenever we're out and about, so I make sure he wears those clothes then!

So I know a lot of my friends are now also using cloth diapers...I recently ordered from this store and found out they have a diaper GIVE-A-WAY every friday!
I increase my chances of winning if I make a post about as you may see this post again. :)

So check out this post and see if you can be a winner! of course I'll be mad if you win and I don't. no, not really. ok, yes I will.
haha - j/k :-)


Karis said...

I smiled at this thinking about your comment on my blog about your bank ledger and budgeting system being "hubby does it" and then your comment here in this post "I love him for it." So funny that he convinced you to switch to cloth diapers. Glad it's going well for you.

I almost switched to cloth diapers because disposable diapers are more expensive here since everything is imported. I had gotten free diapers from working out CVS deals for 8 or 9 months before we moved here, and I was grieving the loss of CVS. I'm so glad I didn't switch, though, because when we got here, I found out that electricity is much more expensive than in the States. It costs us $3 in electricity for each load of wash we run. And another almost $4 to run the dryer which we don't use because it's too expensive but we would have to for diapers so Krista wouldn't feel crunchy diaper from the hot sun on her soft baby bottom. Our water bill is also more expensive here than in the States so that would have been doubly frustrating. (Totally a side note but our water and power bill here are the same amount as our rent! That really surprised us. No wonder so many people don't have electricity or running water. Or maybe it's because not everyone has these things that the prices are so high.) So my laziness in not switching to cloth ending up "paying" off.

All that to say that I think it's great that you're willing to do this to save money for your family and I think it's even greater that it's not a soap box for you. :-)

Wow. My comment got long.

akhughes said...

that is awesome, Karis, about how God worked that out so perfectly for you and you wouldn't have even known that the cost would be so much more if you were doing cloth!

Jordan & Sue said...

I am SO going to win :) Thanks for the link! Karis, I can't believe how much electricity costs there! Wow. I just started using a drying rack for my diapers, and I sort of feel like Caroline Ingalls :) The things we do for our budgets...

S said...

i love our cloth diapers too- and notice a huge difference in not irritating their skin.

one thing that helped hugely was getting the diaper sprayer. stephen installed it a couple weeks ago and we have already gotten our moneys worth. we use it for potty training the older one and cleaning the diapers of the younger. i think it was about $37 which was expensive, but now i'm so glad we got it and it was so easy to install. just a thought!

S said...

p.s. i thought i should clarify my comment that the sprayer helps clean the bum of our older child...for when you get to that stage :)

suzanne said...

Okay, so I really want to go to cloth. It's something I've always wanted to do, but haven't quite had the guts to do it. I've had a crazy time with diapers and brands with Charlotte and I want to go cloth! So, could you be so kind as to shoot me an e mail and give me some more specifics. I want to know how much it cost you up front, how many diapers I would need and so on and so forth. If this is too big of a request, it's okay, I can do the research. I guess I'm just being lazy!