Monday, August 3

our munchkin turns the big 6....


growth spurt theory: check.
2 weeks ago we made his exersaucer higher, so that he was only on his tip-toes. As you can see, he is now flat-footed! yikes! no wonder he's been eating like a crazy man!

he spends a lot of time in his stroller...he's a good little traveler. in fact, he only goes in the car maybe once or twice a week! it's pretty nice!

for some reason, he likes to ride with one foot sticking straight out. working on his calf muscles...?


discovering himself in the mirror...apparently he likes what he sees. :) ?????????????????!
chill mom...and give me some space! chew, chew, chew....
monkey toes...

drool, drool, drool...
toys contained: check. G can't fall over: check. mom happy: check!
you talkin' to me?
G-man - we love you so much!
You make us laugh every single day, if not every single hour!
You make us scratch our heads to try to figure you out sometimes, and we love the little glimpses of personality that we can't wait to see develop.
We can't imagine our life without you and you are one of God's greatest blessings to us. Ever!
Happy half-birthday baby boy!
Graham will be celebrating by eating vegetables for the first time!
green bean birthday treat - yum-o. :~)


Seth & Bethany Heijermans said...

Green bean birthday exciting! I LOVE these pictures Kelly!

Sean and Charis said...

Happy half birthday, Graham!!! We love you.

jeileenbaylor said...

Happy Half Birthday Buddy! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by! What a cute pie!

Jordan & Sue said...

Wow- 6 months! What a cutie. Can't wait to see the veggie pictures! :)