Friday, August 28

New Additions

Step aside Andrew & Graham...I have some new loves in my life!
We have a stove! We'd been hunting & hunting to find just the right deal, (because we just HAVE to find the very best bargain or it drives us crazy :) and then my Grandma Betty decided that we needed to have a stove right away and offered to purchase one for us! wow! What a blessing, we were thrilled!
Because of her generous gift, we were then able to purchase a dishwasher! I was not expecting that and am SOOOOOOO thankful! (I think I missed having a d/w as much as a stove!)

I am so amazed at how God cares for the smallest details. Such as... people had asked me what color I wanted and my first choice was black (because everything is WHITE in my kitchen!) But I fully expected to have to "take what I could get". In the case of the stove, since we were able to purchase a brand new one I was able to have the choice of white or black. And we found the d/w on Craig's List also in black! The previous owners had only used it for 3 months before they got a built-in one. So it's pretty much brand-new, but was less than 1/2 of the cost of a brand-new one. So God was so gracious in not only providing these items, but even giving me my color of choice!
If you need tips on living without a stove for 6 weeks - I have them. :) It honestly wasn't that horrible!
So now...Let the baking begin!


Seth & Bethany Heijermans said...

I love your new additions. Very classy looking and what good deals!

Karis said...

So excited for you not only about the appliances but that you got what you wanted too! I know your grandma must have been excited to do this for you guys.

I understand the not having a stove -- we did that for a year but like you said, it wasn't as bad as I expected (and we had a toaster oven that we used a lot so we "cheated".)

Sean and Charis said...

Yaaayyy!!! God is so good! (and so are Grandma's!) When can we come over for cookies?!

Katie Barker said...

Hey Kelly - that's fantastic! It's so good to hear how God blesses each of us. It's cool that the dishwasher has that top on it, it looks like extra counter space for you :)

Andy and Davina said...

Wow...that's great, Kelly! It's so neat to hear how God has provided for you :)

Wild Ghese said...

yeah! hey!!!!

jeileenbaylor said...

Wonderful! I am sure you are loving it! WE are so excited to see how the Lord is providing for you!