Tuesday, August 25

happy boy

There is no doubt about when the child is having a great time... he has one BIG expression!

big laughs with daddy!
Next week he'll be 7 months old!

he's finally getting to the age where we can teach him [very little, basic] things, it's so fun!

Because he has never been a snuggler, the VERY first thing I taught him (this was maybe a month or so ago) was to hug! This morning when I woke him up, he was grabbing my head with both hands & slobbering on my cheek. I think this was his morning hugs & kisses - LOVE it!

We're teaching him to wave hi & bye - he [kind of] waves just his little fingers - we're working on it!

He loves to play peek-a-boo. When he's on the changing table he will grab his burp cloth & hold it over his eyes & then take it away - so fun!

We're working on learning how to stack the rings & take them off again (again, a work in progress).

HIS favorite thing (my least) is the spitting bubbles! He blows as hard as he can & blows spit everywhere. It really is hilarious, but it just gets PUDDLES of drool on his shirt. aghhhh!!

It's ironic to me that he's been drooling like a faucet for almost 5 months and yet most babies I know have gotten teeth before him! I think I see 2 little bumps, so they may be coming. At least he hasn't been fussy during that time!
No crawling yet, but he can definitely scoot himself all around. I am THOROUGHLY enjoying these last few weeks before he's on the go!


Jordan & Sue said...

I LOVE that happy look he's sportin'! He is looking so much older to me... I miss seeing ALL of you!

Seth & Bethany Heijermans said...

Kelly, these are such fun pictures. I really, really like your new background too.

Karis said...

Love the hugging! Absolutely precious. And the big smiles are great!

Sean and Charis said...

Soooo cute! Thanks for sharing!

Katie Barker said...

The font is better!
I love the hugging! What a cutie.

jeileenbaylor said...

aww- I loved the update. so nice to see how he is growing (and learning new "tricks" :) His smiles are so precious! What a cutie!

Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

Very cute pictures of Graham!! I need to teach Megan to give hugs!!! She just gives slobbery kisses!