Thursday, August 20

bored (again!)

**EDIT, take 2**
decided it was too hard on the eyes and went with this new one.
whew...ok, boredom passed and that took up way too much of my time. :)

ok, I've changed the main reading font to white (from brown). Some had suggested a darker color as well, but when I tried it, didn't seem to be any clearer. So...any better?
(I'm thinking this background might not last too long :) thanks for the help!

Every few months I feel this compulsion to change my background. Can't seem to handle the same thing too long. :)
I LIKE this background...however, I am wondering if it is too hard to read. I also changed my font, so that may make it harder to read as well.
So...just looking for some opinions - is this background too hard to read against?
thanks, blog friends. :)


Katie Barker said...

I do like the background - it's nice for the coming of fall! The words are a little hard to read. I wonder if they would be better with a lighter color? The white seems easier to read. just my 2 cents :)

skB said...

oh, you and me both--you know I never keep a background for very long either! :)

I love it--and I love the font! Very cool! If the white doesn't work, would a darker brown work? I didn't have trouble reading it--but I am like you, I am always trying to find the "easiest on the eyes" for my text color!

Jessica Gardner said...

I love it too!!! I thought maybe a darker color of the font. I like the style though, the style isn't hard to read I think it's just the color - although obviously I could read it fine. :-) I need to learn to change mine easily and websites to get them from. If you are bored again maybe you could write me a message and tell me how to do it. :-) I would love to change mine more often, but the last time I did it was a big ordeal (like i had to redo all the settings again) and I can't remmeber where I got it from.

taralynn819 said...

I am always scared to change my background because I think I might delete all my posts!