Monday, August 17

{ from Whom all blessings flow }

Graham was quickly coming to the end of his wardrobe...for this winter, we only had 2 pair of pants & 2 shirts for him so far. So we were getting ready to think about some serious shopping! My neighbor had told me that someone had given her a bunch of clothes to look through and when she was done, she would pass the bags on to me to see if there was anything I could use for Graham.
So out of these "leftovers" came an unexpected abundance of blessings!
Most of the clothes ended up being 12-18 months and winter clothes, which is exactly what season & size we needed!!
2 pairs of slippers
2 pairs of mittens
2 pairs of shoes
4 pairs of socks
4 hats
3 shorts
2 swim trunks
2 sweater vests
4 pj's
3 halloween shirts
8 short-sleeve shirts
4 long-sleeve shirts
5 sweaters
3 overalls
17 pairs of pants!
(and that was just what I decided to keep! still need to weed out some of those pants...!)
we are so thankful for God's provision!
Most of the clothes are either from Gap, Old Navy, or Children's place and so they've held up well through their prior use.
We praise God, from whom all blessings truly flow!

I really love these army pants & hat!
(but he was waaaaaaay to busy to look at the camera :)


Anneke said...

Kelly - that's FANTASTIC! :)

skB said...

Kelly, that is SO WONDERFUL! Praising God with you! :)

Seth & Bethany Heijermans said...

That is so great--AND he's stylish : )

Jordan & Sue said...

That's awesome!! Did your neighbor have any girls?? :)

suzanne said...

awesome! I love hand me downs!