Monday, October 26

The "real" parenting begins!

So, I've barely been on the computer this past week. Multiple reasons...however the main one is probably this: we are now the parents of a crawler! It's so fun, I love to see him learn new things! He is SO excited to explore things all around the house. You see this little look of determination when he sees something that he MUST check out...and then you see a face a sheer joy as he gets to shake/rattle/pound, whatever he has found! So I am working on baby-proofing what I need to and figuring out what is going to stay and teaching him "the big N word"! For the most part I am happy to let him explore. He is not being naughty, just learning about a whole new world that has opened up to him!
But while I happy to let him search out new things, it is also VERY difficult to get anything done. I am doing a lot of rescuing! Such as when he gets parked into a corner and isn't sure how to get back out! Or reaching that toy he wanted ended up in a nose-dive!

Or, help! I'm stuck under the chair!

It's an interesting stage...
The first few months of life they have 3 needs - eat, sleep, and hygiene (diapers, baths, etc...) And these needs are continually & constantly met and they have no other thoughts about anything else! Well, now, he is learning that there is a lot of things going on around him and he is going to find out what this world is all about! For the first time in his life, he sees something he wants and mom may not let him have that. GASP. What? I have never been denied before!! So, he is starting the process of learning the no's & yes's of life. (and he's doing pretty good so far!)
And look what now may greet us after naptime! He's not always interested in naps when he can sit up and even STAND up in his crib!
This past week instead of sleeping 1 1/2 - 2 hours in the afternoon, he's been going an hour or less. AGHHH. I'm not sure what to do about this. Because the worst thing is that he then needs another nap between 4 & 5. And we were so past the 3 naps a day! We haven't faced a napping issue since he was about 4 months old. Anyone else have this problem around 9 months?
He sure is excited to see us after naptimes though. I just love the giant smiles and squeals we get for "rescuing" him from the crib. :)
Love each new stage. We learn as much as he does. :)
It's such a joy.


Shyla said...

My little Liv is crawling at 7 months. I feel your pain! :) It's so fun!! Enjoy it - i am sure you are! :)

juliechall said...

I love seeing him on the move...that is so cute! I'm sure it's keeping you on the move too :)

Jordan & Sue said...

I just LOVE that picture of him going face-first into that basket!! He looks so happy moving around!