Thursday, October 8

Vacation, part 2

It was a pretty quiet & peaceful week. We got fed one Southern feast after another and I'm sure left 5 lbs. heavier! :) Graham got more attention than he could dream of and I'm sure will be wondering what happened to those two people who were giving him so much lovin'!! Yep, it was a nice week away!
The dog was fascinating to him!
Mom & Dad got extra time alone, ohhh, we're going to miss that!
What's that face?!! Playing with his bucket of toys!Loved crawling in bed with Mama Hughes every morning!
Mom & Dad have put him in a box yet again!
We were eating dinner in the screened-in porch.
I think that face says " I want some steak!"Some sights on the way home...Driving through the mountains as the leaves were beginning to change was beautiful!
Graham was a great traveler and we made the 8 hour trip with only one stop and two minutes of fussing. :) We left 80 degrees and came home to 60 degrees! However...No matter where I roam, it's always good to be Home Sweet Home!


Rob said...

Hey - so glad about the recent fun times for you guys! And your little man is so cute! It must be so fun to squeeze his sweet face :)

Jordan & Sue said...

That looks like a great time away! I cannot believe how big Graham is getting- What a handsome little man :)