Thursday, October 1

In the words of G-man...

Well, I've about made it 8 months in my life (saturday) and here's what's up with me...
I am around 20 lbs. & 27 inches long. Yep, that's very, very healthy (& heavy!) Can you blame my mom for being glad that I'm getting mobile on my own?

My very favorite thing now is standing! I just love it and CAN'T WAIT to be able to GO! I can only stand holding on to things, not quite on my own yet, but don't worry, it will be soon enough that I'll be into everything. he, he, he...

My mom doesn't love the fact that I've gotten a little fussy in the last few weeks. But I have a VERY good reason. It was the same way right before I learned to sit up, and I was SO OVER laying on my back! Now we're at that crossroads again and I am SO OVER just sitting & playing and I want to be able to GO! I just can't quite figure out this crawling thing, but I can basically scoot anywhere in a room. The problem is, I don't want to be on my belly, I want to be up! So, can't you understand my frustration?
These pics are from our last session at Picture People. My mom said I wasn't smiling as much as I did last time, but that's because they kept bringing me fun things to play with and I was way to BUSY to smile. :) So it was lots of fun playing with new stuff, but they kept taking things away before I was done playing with them. *#@!*#!
I really have no idea why they put me in this bucket!
Another thing that has cropped up in the last few weeks is separation anxiety! My mom was told this didn't hit until 10 months, but I like to keep her on her toes. :)
I totally notice when mom & dad try to sneak away and leave me with a big, bad stranger. (And for those who have been on the receiving end of a melt-down or two, sorry!)
Don't worry, it's me, not you.

I really loved this plane!! I wish my mom & dad would get me some cool toys like this. (I'm pretty bored with the {baby} toys I have mom, FYI)
So...a few lets-get-past-this-quick this past month, but it's mostly all very, very GOOD!
-I LOVE seeing my daddy come home every day and I squeal & giggle when he runs around the house with me!
-I get absolutely giddy when I have BOTH mom & dad's attention.
-I am very ticklish!
-I always laugh out loud at mom when she says "boo" to me.
-I am trying to be brave, but I have to admit, I am really scared of the vacuum cleaner.
-I also get scared when people yell at the TV which I was first exposed to after moving to this sports-crazed city!
-I definitely like my BOY toys. When I'm sitting in a pile of toys I always reach for my basketball or football first!
-I'm having fun trying new foods. Oatmeal & fresh bananas is definitely my favorite and I gobble down a bowl so fast!
-I have developed a fake cough which I use stratigically when I'm not comfortable with something. Pretty genius, right? (it totally cracks my mom & dad up)
So that's what's going on in my's pretty great!
Happy 8 months, Graham Owen, we love you more than words can express!


Jordan & Sue said...

I am cracking up at that picture of him in the bucket! It looks like he is going to explode out of there! :) Elyse is only 18.5 pounds, and I feel like she's going to tear my hip off- how do you DO it???? Happy 8months, Graham!!

Karis said...

I thought the one of him in the bucket was so funny too! The pictures are so good, though! He is absolutely adorable.

Glad you're loving life, Graham.

Kelli said...

Those pictures are absolutely precious! The colors are amazing and they really seem to capture his personality. He seems like such a healthy and happy baby!

Anonymous said...

I love it when Graham gets on your blog and writes! He is such a cutie! Love the pictures!

jeileenbaylor said...

Such awesome pictures! He is such a handsome little guy. Thanks for the update. It was so nice to see how he is doing - from his own mouth ;)

Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

This was a really fun post! His pictures were really cute.