Friday, September 25

Some of the Action...

So our normally quiet city has some interesting events taking place during the G-20!
Here are some pics of when I went downtown to pick up Andrew on Wednesday...
Our normally bustling downtown looked more like it was under siege as the National Guard showed up!
Buildings were behind barriers
We had a line of about 20 police motercyles behind us. Maybe it was my out-of-state plates...? We heard there was a protest group about a mile away from our instead of hunkering down in the house like SANE people, my husband jumps on his bike to go see what was going on! He left when they were threatening to arrest ANYONE in the vincinity, but I do have to say he got some good pics! He got some really great video too, but our internet connection won't let me post that. There were almost more media than anyone!
Brian Williams of NBC was here doing the national news and a protester shouted through a bull-horn during his entire newscast. Kind of funny!

The BIG truck shows up (this is when Andrew leaves :) Here are some pics from the internet of an interesting clash!And the reason for all the fuss? These are the head leaders meeting.
Our church community group had very interesting discussion on thursday night in the midst of all of this. We can be thankful as Americans that we have the right to stand up for what we think is right. In some countries, people would be shot on site if they dared to do this. In some countries, seeing military march through their downtown is an everyday occurance. So while we may not always agree with the reasons or methods that some protesters choose (and some were calling attention to very legitimate needs), it can make us stop & be thankful for the great freedoms that we live with every day.

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Tim Barker said...

"Wow," seems to be the only appropriate response. I have to say we were thinking of you guys and the Burgh-Crew and wondered how life would be affected by G-20. Thanks for the interesting up-close look!