Monday, September 21

What a Day of Deals!

Our Saturday turned out to be one of the most fun days we've had since coming here! We've done fun things & really enjoyed our time here, but for some reason Saturday seemed extra special! My boys & I had some great family time!
We started out with a little community service (no, not the court-ordered kind :)
The neighborhood where our church is located was doing Pick-Up Penn (the street our church is on). It was a great way to get out in our community and continue to let people know about Redeemer and also be a blessing to them.
Thresa won a free glass-blowing class for picking up the worst trash (vomit). God bless her. Andrew won a nice, big sweatshirt! Graham & I came at the end of naptime, so I have to admit, I kind of escaped the trash pick-up. (thanks, little G :)
Some of our church team!
Then it was off to afternoon naptime. I'm so thankful that besides being able to do several things in the day, we managed to still work around the 2 ultra-important naps! (because I get so stressed when he hasn't napped and it can make it miserable for everyone included!!)
So, naps done, we were free for the rest of the afternoon and it was off to Picture People for ANOTHER free portrait package!! I certainly did not expect this wonderful freebie again so soon! Now I know, we did just get the portrait package 2 months ago, however, we focused on getting a family picture that time. So this time, it was all G-man! LOVE walking away from the studio with our free pics and not having spent a dime!

killing time, waiting for our turn! ohhh, they have fun toys!
Deal #2 - $1 dinners!
how thankful I am to be back within driving distance of Ikea!
This weekend they were offering meatball & mashed potato dinners for $1!! I have to admit...we added a 99 cent salad & drink to share, so we ended up paying $4 total for our was worth it! Dinner on the patio was wonderful!
Graham was such a good boy as we carted him in & out of stores, carseats, strollers, and high chairs! I'm sure he was not sure what all the chaos was about!
His hair is starting to come in a little more and it's pretty thin & wispy. (I think that means he's getting his daddy's straight hair!) I thought it was funny that it was long enough to blow in the wind!
And last deal of the clothes!
I had a $10 coupon for Sears, no minimum purchase!
So I snagged this short-sleeve turtle neck for $9.99 - which means I paid $0!!
So, I'll just use this as a HUGE plug for!! Sometimes I find deals other places, but all of these particular deals came through her!!
Sorry, I tried to post the Sears coupon, but the link is gone! The Picture People coupon is here.
She posts a LOT of things and I only use a few select deals, but I highly suggest following her to make the most of your hard-earned bucks! (or you can follow my new momtourage spot where I am posting the deals I think are the best)
Like these:
$80 picture package - free
$12 dinner - $4
$10 shirt - free
You might just score a DAY OF DEALS too!!


Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

That does sound like a great Saturday! Gotta love getting good deals and hanging out as a family. How much better can it get??!!

skB said...

LOVE it! You look beautiful--and I cannot stop staring at the picture of Graham--the one with him standing next to the bar stool--he is SO CUTE!!!

Katie Barker said...

Wow - way to go girl! That's a lotta deals!!

Seth & Bethany Heijermans said...

Kelly, I am so inspired, especially by your $0 shirt. Cheap is great but free is even better!!! I'm glad you found so many great bargains and are willing to share them too!

jess said...

Kelly - momtourage is such a GREAT idea, and you did an awesome job putting everything together on the blog - it looks fab!! We'll be praying God blesses all your efforts. Can't wait to hear of fruit!

Jordan & Sue said...

What DARLING pictures of Graham- he is so cute!

Jessica said...

Those are my kind of deals! I love days like that.
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