Tuesday, September 22


Watch out Pittsburgh - we are in for quite a week!
We are hosting the G-20 summit this week. Already hundreds (thousands?) of protesters have descended on us and are busy protesting whatever it is they protest! So that is the big concern this week, that things don't get out of control in any way like someone doing something very, very stupid!
Downtown will basically be closed off by Wednesday evening. The good news is that means Andrew will have thursday & friday off! The slogan is "Pittsburgh Welcomes the World" which is interesting as businesses quickly board up their windows & people scurry out of town. Yes, we welcome you, but don't expect to see us. :)
Check out this link for one the of more fun demonstrations!
Our own little neighborhood will be hosting Little Italy Days over the same weekend, which could be very interesting. This festival appears to be a very big deal & people have been talking about it since we've moved here! We're told thousands of people will be here descending on our little Italy neighborhood! We live on a dead-end street which leads up to the main street, which means we'll be very close to all the action! It looks like there will be lots of Itialian musicians as well as loads of great food - what's not to love?!

A concern is that the protesters are targeting Starbucks & PNC bank, both of which are located right in the middle of our festival. So, it will definitely be interesting to see how that plays out!

So, it is going to be a very eventful week for us here! I am hoping that it turns out calmer than they're predicting. :)

My very wise hubby had a very interesting perspective on the protesters - check out his post here.

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