Monday, September 14

My New Pet...

...project...that is! (those who know me certainly know I'm not getting a real PET). lol.
Since we are new to the city of Pittsburgh and our mission here is to share Christ, the obvious question is "how should we do that?" I love that everyone in our church has become very creative in learning how to engage friends, neighbors, co-workers, even complete strangers. It is exciting to hear everyone's updates on ways they were able to interact with people, ultimately of course, for the purpose of sharing the gospel.
So, for a SAHM, what is the best way for me to meet & interact with new people?
Adrianne (a fellow young mom) & I have decided to put together a mom's group we're calling the Pgh Momtourage. We are planning to do playdates every other week and then once every 2 months, have a family activity on a Saturday where we invite the dads as well. Our playdates will usually be pretty simple such as time at the park or pool, but we are excited to meet new moms and see how this leads.
We have only had one playdate so far (our 2nd one was rained out), but we had a pretty good response. It definitely seems like moms are interested in something like this.
I have started another blog (what was I thinking?!!) to keep people up-to-date on what's happening not only for our playdates, but activities around the city, and also great deals that I have found.
An announcement is going out about the blog/Momtourage this week in the neighborhood update, so we hope to see some interest generated! Most of all, we pray that this will bring us together with other moms & be an avenue to introduce them to Redeemer Community & Jesus Christ.
Here is the new blog if you want to check it out -
If you hear of any great deals that would be applicable to our area, I would be more than happy to post them!
I'm open to any suggestions as well, I would especially be interested to hear if you have any good playdate ideas that are free or fairly inexpensive!
Let the playdates begin!


Karis said...

I love hearing about your specific outreach idea as well as how the whole church is working together towards this end.

Anonymous said...

Kelly-I love your new blog & idea for reaching out!

Rob said...

That's a great idea Kelly. We were just discussing that on our weekend away - how popular mom's groups are right now and that they are a great way to get to know people in the community. I'd love to hear feed-back on how it goes.


Sean and Charis said...

This sounds really great! Our prayers will be with you.

Jordan & Sue said...

Sounds like a fun "pet"! Keep us posted!