Tuesday, September 8

a tear, some snot, and as always, the drool

yep, those were all a big part of our weekend!
Poor guy started out with a cold, then came the fever, which fluctuated being 100-103 for a couple of days. Not too mention, his bottom 2 teeth popped in this week! However, the dr. said the fever was too high for it to be tooth-related.
But, I am happy to report that his fever is pretty much back to normal! His cold is still hanging on, it's such a bummer that they can't take anything to help them get well sooner! I have Vick's baby rub, a nose squeegee & a humidifier and that's about it!
Now, I did capture probably the saddest moment (above), however, most of the weekend, you would never even know he was sick! He played happily with his toys as usual. We had a couple of naps that were a big fight to get him to sleep when he normally goes down without a peep and his appetite wasn't up to normal either. But the poor guy couldn't breathe very well and I am sure he had tons of mucus in his stomach which affected both of those things. Thankfully, he had no problem at nights and kept his regular 12 hour nighttime sleeps.
He still felt up to practicing his army crawl!

And worked on his leg strengthening as well!
(no, he didn't pull up by himself, thank goodness!)

So, I am thankful he seems to be on the mend and I am looking forward to leaving the house again! Unfortunately, it was a holiday weekend and we had lots of fun plans which we had to cancel. But, that's what happens sometimes! At least it wasn't anything TOO important like a wedding or family gathering!

I also have to decide whether to keep taking him to the library since that must have been where he picked up his little virus. :( I definitely don't want to isolate him from other kids, but I also don't want to keep exposing him to sickies this winter. What's a mom to do???!!


Mark and Anne Brumbaugh said...

I love all the drool comments! Titus was a horrible drooler for the first 2 years of his life! I remember the day very vividly when I noticed his shirt was dry for the first time. Ezra is not a drooler...so I wander who Simeon will take after:)!
I completely understand about the isolation/sick kid issue...it is a really huge down side to the whole fall/winter/spring seasons!

jeileenbaylor said...

cute little teethers!

Jordan & Sue said...

Aww- that first picture is heartbreaking!!! I am not looking forward to the winter sickness, either. Hey, think of the wonderful immunity the kids will build, right? :)

Rob said...

Kelly - that must be so sad to have him sick. How sweet that he was still such a happy boy! His pics are so cute!