Monday, January 11

All in a word........

So this morning I say to Graham, "where's your sock?" (he had his back to me) He immediately looks down at his bare feet and shows me his toes. Then I say, "go get your sock". He immediately takes off, finds & brings me his sock. (all this is done without any gestures from me at all). oh. my. goodness. And yet, somehow, he can't quite remember what "no" means????????? when he hears it quite. a. few. times. a. day. :) oh yeah, momma is on to you buddy!
Somebody is definitely learning a few things!!
Last week I said, "say momma" he repeated "momma". I am totally counting it as his first word!!!!!!!!
He definitely talks. a lot. and yells. he likes to yell. nothing is too distuingishable, but there is hope that day is not too far away!
Just a few new pics of the obvious star of our home. :)
Another tooth is in there somewhere, because the drool-fest has started again!
loving a good bubble bath!
how could a face this sweet ever be naughty?
the big party plans are in the works.......
only 3 weeks till the big day!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe his birthday is only 3 weeks away!!! I'm sure you'll put on a great festivity for him!

Katie Barker said...

Impressive little guy!

Sean and Charis said...

OH, WOW Kelly! He is looking so grown up! Is he standing by himself in that last picture? Too cute!

JordanandSue said...

What a big boy! I love that first picture of him- he looks so impish! :)