Sunday, January 3


We've hit our last milestone before the big one! Unfortunately someone was kind enough to give him pink eye in celebration. :) Though it's a different kind of pink eye than I've ever seen. The area around his eye is red and not the white of his eye. He also doesn't have any drainage except for between 4-7 pm. Weird, huh? So I am not convinced that it's the real thing, but we're keeping him away just in case. The dr. said they're going away from giving them antibiotics so quickly, so she wanted it just to work out of his system. I appreciate that direction. However, it does mean much longer quarantine time! But it's alright, it will pass soon enough!
This past month he started having an 8 am wake-up time instead of 7. That was a very nice surprise!
He has also started to develop some funny quirks!
GRUNTING! He grunts when he's excited, when he's happy, when he's enjoying his food, when he wants us to look at something, when he's get the picture!
He is also starting to point at what foods he wants. Which is quite helpful! But we're working harder at signing "please"!
He also likes to throw his passy & nite-nite over the side of the crib to signify he's done sleeping!

He loves to put stuff in other things. If there is a box, bowl, or space he feels the need to put something in it! He also loves to carry things when he's "driving".
The shoes get a ride on his car....The ring gets a ride on the turtle....Trying out the scarf that used to be his daddy's!
It's hard to believe he's still only walking when holding on to things as we're going on about 2 months of this now. But I guess they do it on their own timetable! He did stand by himself for about 15 seconds one time, but apparently decided that's he's more comfortable with a handhold.
GOAL this month: to wean away the passy (which he uses for sleeptimes)...ANY TIPS?!!
Happy 11 months Gman! We're loving each day that we get to play, laugh & learn with you!

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Sean and Charis said...

Poor little guy! Praying he feels better soon.
Jack loves his new car. What a great toy for him at this age!
Happy New Year to you guys!