Monday, January 25


Andrew has a way of figuring out my gifts for him, secret plans, everything! So I pulled a real fast one on him and threw him a birthday party a week early. He was totally suprised!!!
Graham & I usually pick him up from work around 6, on friday I showed up alone! Then we had a looooooong discussion about his wearing a blind-fold or not........... :) So we arrived back at our house (though he didn't know where we were!) and suh-prise - a party!
Good eats! I made 4 homemade pizzas and other ladies contributed some great sides!

Graham had his friend, Ali, to play with so he was happy!
These kiddos had a great time together too!

Let's eat cake!
I made a chocolate cake, topped with 2 cans of no sugar cherry pie filling, topped with cool whip.

first Steelers wear!

somebody is getting very sleepy at 8:30 pm........!!

got'cha good! Happy early birthday!


skB said...

awesome job, Kelly!
Happy Birthday Andrew!
hi Graham! ;-)

Jessica Gardner said...

Sounds like a fun night - you do a good job planning things from the sounds of it. :-)

JordanandSue said...

Nice work- looks like a fun party!