Thursday, June 3


yes, it's hard to believe our baby is 16 months old. officially a toddler (in my own diagnosis!) officially going one hundred miles an hour every second he's awake. (and needing a haircut that I can't bring myself to do yet!) We finally have our first words!! I know everyone says boys talk later than girls, so I have been trying not to be impatient.......... He has been saying dada & mama for a long time now, but I never felt like he was actually calling us those names, they were more his favorite babble syllables, so I didn't think I could count those. :( but yeah! first official word - what else could it be - BA. [ball for those who don't speak his language.] He has been obsessed with balls forever, so it's only fitting. He ADORES seeing something he can identify. Thus, we hear this word at least 1000 times a day. Yes, he finds every ball, ball-looking, round object known to man. Apparently, he's in love with anything that starts with B, as he also says bear, bird, bus & baby. He also says duck. It's so fun to read thru a book with him and he can actually point out objects he knows. He loves it! He's working on puppy too.  He LOVES dogs & birds & airplanes and nothing makes him happier than to locate every single one on our daily outings!
He is on his 4th ear infection, big boo. Hopefully as we move out of cold season, those will stop happening. He also cut 7 teeth in the last 6 weeks, including FOUR molars. Drool-fest is back. 'nuff said.
I hadn't really noticed until we had several out of town guests [that about died], that our daily routine involves 1-2 hours of walking most days. One of the reasons we adore city life!! Whether it is heading down to the bank or post office, walking to the park, hitting up CVS, or an evening stroll around the neighborhood, we are on the go and on our feet most days. So far, G has proved to be a very good stroller rider and I am only hoping that continues for as long as possible!! He also loves to say HI to everyone we pass. And if you don't say hi back, he will say it over and over. :)
I am happy to say that the veggie battle has gotten much better!
Heading hard into "this is what I want to do" phase. Threw a little tantrum at the mall one time and banged his head on the ground. So now, occasionally, he will lie down gingerly and then cry, letting me know he isn't happy. But it cracks me up how he remembers that one instance and does not want to do it again! :)
Morning nap is gone. LOVE that!! That is my part 2 post that I have been meaning to write for the past month or so. One of these days....
Those of you who had boys that potty-trained by 2, any tips to start on now?? My neighbor did give me some great advice - thanks Christi. :)
He likes to yell when he's in the shopping cart of stores. embarassment. yes, he has a set of lungs and likes to yell just because. working on that!
My sister taught him uh-oh when he was here. I had kind of been avoiding that, but I have to admit, it's pretty funny, especially now that he's actually figuring out the right context for it! Thanks Katie. :)
At his 15 month appt. (that happened a day before 16 months!) he checked in at 32 inches/28 lbs. yep, firmly in the 80th percentile. :) He's also fully in 2T clothes, but I am kind of expecting (hoping?) that to stay for a while!
We went from shoe size 4 to 6 in a blink. That means the size 5 flips & crocs that I bought him for.the.summer. lasted 2 months. grrrr.....!!
He is a sweat-er. Oh my, these recent hot days, the poor guy is soaked. It's really time for a little backyard pool!! His outfit of choice is basically diaper. My new favorite thing for him is his rashguard! I recently realized that these swim shirts have SPF 50 in them, so I am so thankful not to have to worry about him sunburning through his clothes!

I should probably go locate my scissors..............................


Holly said...

So cute Kelly! Sounds like fun times at your house! :)

juliechall said...

Aren't all the phases so fun?! Well...most of them. I also have been loving the little words that pop out. It's so funny cause I feel like I work and work with her on certain things (please, thank you) and instead she sings e-i-e-i-o....hmmmm that one isn't very helpful, but cute. Oh, and I love the hair. I think first hair cuts are so sad.

the johnson crew said...

his hair is cute.... you should see malachi right now, we call him almonzo wilder (from house on the prairie). - poor kid got run over by preston's bike and he is at the Urgent care with jason getting stitches right now. :( i think they are the first stitches in our family.

i enjoyed reading about all grahams accomplishments. how cute that he is quite the social bug and also loves boys. he is a BIG boy. - malachi talked really late too. now he is 26 months and he is finally starting to roll.

the daily walks sound wonderful. :) i am glad you are enjoying the city.

suzanne said...

Loved reading this! Charlotte is a late bloomer when it comes to talking, too. She is finally starting to say a lot more, but I think your g-man's got her beat!

I can't believe that child is in 2T clothes! Charlotte is still in 12 month pants (even in cloth dipes!).

Charlotte likes to throw fits, too, although she doesn't always remember the banging of the head. She's not too quick!

Anyway, thanks for sharing all about your boy!