Monday, May 31

Meeting the Trio.................

Sweet, sweet babies. Almost 8 weeks, now between 6-7 lbs. Such little ones, they were so fun to care for!
It was fun to see their baby dedication!Graham has lots of fun playing with his "big" cousins!Testing out both triple strollers during our walk!
I love Lincoln's look, I don't think he's interested in Andrew's small talk. :)

The babies are all doing great! Lincoln does have a double hernia, and will hopefully have surgery very soon to alleviate his discomfort. But other than that, they are all healthy & growing! Their church has pitched in so much between the meals, the gifts and the volunteer care. What a blessing it is for them to have such resources, because it seriously does take an army! I think I will take my babies one at time, thank you very much........... :)


Laura said...

Thanks for taking the time to come and pitch in. We really appreciated your help and loved to see Graham in all his cuteness!

the johnson crew said...

great pictures. i love those strollers! - the triplets are looking so good! praise God!