Sunday, May 9

mom's day #2

Awaiting me this of my favorite flowers!
Would you believe me if I told you that Andrew got them for $2????????
Would you believe me even more if I said that (REALLY!!) made my frugal little heart beat that much faster and that I love them that much more?!!
That is why we love our Strip District!
Oh, and it was time for me to get my picnik on....too much fun it is!! So all these photos have been chopped, edited, and colorized to death. :)
My activity choice of the day....
Our local park's carousel was giving free rides for the day.
One thing I love about Pittsburgh is that if you wait for it, almost everything here offers a free day sometime!
 Somebody thought it was a weird choice for mom's day, but I guess, whatever makes my baby happy, makes me happy. :)
that's your happy face, right?
So, he may not have been in love with the spinning part. But he DID love all the different animals.
(as did his daddy.)

capped off by dinner @ The Walnut Grille.
Treasuring these moments. Knowing they are fleeting. Thankful for God's grace in the sweet little boy who calls me mama. (even though it sometimes sounds like akjhdiekjnhdk.)


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! My frugal heart would be happy too!

{B} said...

oh Kelly,
love these pictures!
love the colors of that carousel!!

did you see the thread on S's fb wall--the guys were giving him a hard time that he had only spent $6.66 on flowers for me, earlier last week......

I don't care how much they cost--as long as they are pretty..... and $2, what an even better deal! ;-)

happy mommy's day to you......

kellyH said...

ok, just saw the fb discussion, I was totally NOT trying to up S's good deal!!! I am SO glad for any guy that didn't pay an arm & a leg for things that fade so fast!
of course, I MAY have mentioned to andrew that, at that price, he might be able to afford them more often. haha! :)
I don't know what picnik did to the carousel pic, but it looks like a painting doesn't it?

jeileenbaylor said...

What a great day!