Thursday, May 13

Children of the Cloth..................

It is hard to believe I have been cloth diapering now for over a year! I have learned a lot in that year! I get a lot of questions about it, so here is my general synopsis of what has worked for us.
Andrew first asked me to consider CD's right after Graham was born. At the time, I think my reaction was something like, "are we going to stop using electricity too?"!! I had no idea that this was a huge movement and that there are tons of amazing, easy options available and that lots of moms are going this route! Of course, with a newborn, I didn't have too much spare time to research, so I basically went with the simplest, cheapest method I could find. I started out with 24 prefolds & 3 Thirsties covers. For inserts, I used strips of cloth (from old t-shirts and such).
(Bummis cover)
Thirsties covers are great. They have a great fit around the legs that really keep leaks from happening. One thing I don't love about them is that the front tab is not very high, so when they're not wearing a onesie, they tend to leak out the top. About 5 months in, my Thirsties covers started soaking right through the cover. I thought I was going to have to buy all new covers, but at the time, I instead purchased 3 all-in-ones of Bumgenius 3.0. [cue*choir singing!!!!!!!!!! ] If I would have known these existed..............! These are a diaper/cover/insert all in one piece (though you do pull out the insert to wash). So, LOVE these and they have worked perfectly for night time! I usually do add an extra insert, but he does not wake up with that sopping, dripping mess of an overnight pre-fold! So, after I started using these at night, the Thirsties covers stopped leaking! Apparently they were just getting too much use! Somewhere along the way, I also added this cute polka-dot Bummis cover. I love the material, it's a lot more water-resistant than the Thirsties. However, the leg openings do not close as well as the Thirsties. I also picked up 2 of these Bummis covers. They are certainly nothing fancy, but at only $5 each, they are a steal and I like to use them for naptimes!
Since discovering all-in-one diapers, I have been keeping my eyes peeled for steals & deals!! I recently was able to score 3 all-in-ones for FREE!! However, because they were a freebie, I am on a waiting list to get them. I can't wait to use them!! One of them is this adorable Happy Heiny's All-in-One in Mocha.
But my new love is most certainly the Gro-Baby line! Of course, even as I tell you this, they recently changed to Gro-Via. But I THINK they are still somewhat the same. I already have one of these, and hopefully will get 2 more (from my freebies). These are awesome and only include a cover & snap-in insert. The top of the cover comes up higher, so no leaks out the top either! You just pull out the insert to change. They also sell a disposable insert for when you are the go. Of course, my thinking is, if I have to use a disposable insert, I might as well use a disposable diaper that I can find for $3-4 a pack. But anyways, I am looking for ways to add to my stash of these for sure!  
When I first started, basically I would throw G in a disposable for something as simple as running to the Post Office. :) Now, I even sometimes change him away from home and have even used them on vacation! I will say, it just gets much easier as you go. For when you are the GO, you carry soiled ones in a special Bag. Probably sounds gross, but it's not that bad.
The most negative view most people have of them is the LAUNDRY. For me, it's one load every 3 days. Has not been a big deal at all! The worst part is dealing with the grossness. Yes, there is some grossness involved. :) I have way more familiarity with my son's you-know-what than I would prefer. I am really thankful I have a basement for sure! I keep all the soiled dipes down there until ready to wash. For those without basements, I am wondering, how do you best contain everything?? (above they air out between uses).
Oh, another great thing about the all-in-ones? They are one size from birth to potty training, so I don't have to buy more as he grows! (Hence, the rows of snaps on some of them).
So, bottom line, I am really glad I made the switch. I have spent less than $175, which is about 4 months of disposables! If you are thinking about making the switch, definitely consider it! I am sure you will do your research better than me and find out it might not be as bad as you think. :) 
Some great sites to check are Diaper Junction & The Natural Baby Co. & Kelly's Closet & Franklin Goose (they gave me the freebies, so definitely have to pitch them!).
These 2 blogs (CD blog & Diaper Whisperer) host diaper giveaways every week!! I have yet to win, but can always hope. :)
So, those of you who have gone this route, what have you learned that has been most helpful in making it as convenient as possible and what diapers do you love the most??
Probably the most time-consuming thing in the laundry for me is folding the inserts. So have you found great inserts that work well? I have tried using a pre-fold diaper and they just aren't very absorbant it seems.
Less diapers in our landfills.
More money in our pockets.
What's not to love?!


TwoMuths said...

Kelly, I'm super part time cloth diapering, (I found pampers boxes awhile back for $4 each, so...) but we are almost out and I'm actually (kinda) looking forward to going back to my BumGenius diapers. I bought a yard of hemp fleece about a year ago and made my own inserts for those. SUPER trim diaper and they absorb pretty well for daytime. And I double up a hemp and a microfiber at night. I have like 2 dozen BumGenus diapers (1.0 and 2.0) so I really have no excuse not to do it.

Ronald said...

I feel so vindicated.Used to when I would suggest that cloth diapers are cheaper (no brainer if you look at prices and how many you use), people would just roll their eyes at this weird old fashioned gross idea. They thought it was gross. Well, it is also gross to wrap up that stuff in a diaper and put it in the trash can too:):))::)

I am so happy to see young people finding this out.Also I have learned from observation and reading that they do potty train earlier. All 3 of my boys were basically trained by 2.

We used cloth and rubber pants. We just had a diaper pail with solution they soaked in until washed.

We all live and learn and I am happy for all that you have learned and your openess to a new but very old idea. Everything can be tweaked to be better always.

I always just see a dollar (or more) bill every time I put a paper diaper in the trash):

But it is up to each individual of course.These old ideas are "gree". You remember Mama telling you to turn out the lights too don't you?
turns out that is "green"
well, motherhood is an adventure and I am glad to have been and am a part of it still.
It is fun to share the journey with you through your blogging

love always,
Mom H

kellyH said...

thanks for the hemp tip Jenny. I have seen those sold online.

and I can certainly dream about potty-training @ 2!! everyone nowadays says boys are at 3. so I am not going to hold my breath, but I can always hope. :)

TwoMuths said...

Kelly, Aaron was done at 2 1/2! (and, uh, he trained himself) :-) There is hope!

juliechall said...

Kelly ....I totally thought the idea of cloth was ridiculous when I first heard about it!!! But I have been really surprised at how relatively easy it has been. Yes, I have not enjoyed a few gross moments (maybe more than a few), but I'm really pleased with it and love not buying disposables all the time! I didn't do a ton of research, but the thirsties have worked great and I love the "duo-wrap" option for longevity. I don't really mind folding them either, cause it gives me an excuse to watch Rachael Ray :)

The Lesters said...

Didn't know you used cloth. I definitely want to give it a try but not until I just have 1 in diapers. It will be a while. =)

suzanne said...

I LOVE my bumGenius, but I only have 6. I wish I had 24!!! I don't mind the regular old prefolds, though. However, I bought the Bummis super wisper wraps and I DO NOT like them. They don't leak or anything, but they just haven't warn very well. I am already needing to replace them. I have been looking to buy more diapers for baby number 3! I can't wait to cloth diaper this one too! I really do love it!