Monday, May 3


Our little man turns 15 months today! I love how independent he is getting. (well, he thinks so anyways.) But he IS much more helpful when he is getting dressed! He wants to communicate so badly, but unfortunately I didn't take [ejhekjhdsfawkjk] language in college. :( His favorite word is beeeeeeee. He basically calls everything that!
Rockin' the plaid shorts!
And getting lots of funny this one!

we're getting some curls!
Too Grown Up!!

Fun at the Park

LOVES the slide and playgrounds in general!
Doing this blanket thing has been very interesting. Now when we pull it out, he goes and sits on it!  Lots of times he runs around the house and will play randomly with different toys for just a few minutes at a time usually. But being on the blanket has somehow caused him to become very focused in playing. He will sit & play with just a few toys for 15 or 20 minutes with no problems. So that was unexpected, but we love that!
A little reading (loves his Alpha books!) and legos before bed.

When he eats he will often point to the fridge or something around him and I will shake my head, no, you can't have that. So now, he has started pointing to things and shaking his own head no! It's like he already knows the answer, but he just wants to double check. :)
He loves to stack blocks & legos. And then knock them down. Why do boys just instinctively do that?!!
He loves piggy back rides down the stairs. (which saves on my arms!)
He is clearly learning between obedience & disobedience!
He's making it quite clear when something doesn't go his way. (definitely working on that, as I am sure we will be for a long time!)
I am amazed at how many things he can understand.
He loves following the big kids around at church (and annoying them I am sure!)
He loves giving kisses (my favorite!)
He started doing some whining. boooooooooooo!
We are easing out of a morning nap. and I love that!
Such a fun stage. I AM  looking forward to the days coming when he can communicate exactly what he is trying to say!


Katie Barker said...

I'm so intrigued with the blanket idea! I love to hear that it's going well.

knack said...

loved these sweet....and the plaid shorts are rockin'! :)

The Lesters said...

Those pics of him coming down the slide are too cute!

JordanandSue said...

I love his plaid shorts, too! He looks so cute surrounded by all of his toys on the blanket... what a big boy! Happy 15, Graham!

JordanandSue said...
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JordanandSue said...
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JordanandSue said...

Sorry, that was my deleted comment... I got carried away :)