Monday, May 17

Summer fun. and more fun.

We are so excited to have a "normal" summer! Last summer, moving from Virginia to Pennsylvania in the middle somehow seemed to absorb our whole summer. Besides having a 5 month old and still learning how babies work. :)
This summer is shaping up to be lots of fun and we are so thankful that God has given Andrew a job where he has wonderful & flexible vacation time.
. tomorrow - my sister arrives for one week!! happy, happy, joy, joy. can't wait!
. heading across the state for Memorial weekend to meet those sweet triplets.
. my mom & grandma are coming to visit!
. celebrating our 5th anniversary!! So while they are here, Andrew & I are escaping for a 3 day get-a-way to Niagara Falls!! Our first trip away since G joined us. And while we will miss him, we.are.ecstatic.
. well, no trips planned, but we are looking forward to G's first fireworks! ba-boom.
. my cousin is getting married, so Graham & I are hopping a plane for a week in MN! can't wait to see friends & family there!
. and last but (certainly) not least - BEACH time! Heading to Mama & Papa Hughes, then to OBX for a few days, capped off by Labor Day weekend in Va Beach to see many good friends there!

We hope our paths cross with many of you this summer!!


suzanne said...

Looks like it's shaping up to be a super fun summer for you guys! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Oh! How fun. I love planning trips. Hope we'll get to see you in August!

Anonymous said...