Monday, July 5

FRIENDS. FUN. 4TH. FIREWORKS. how to sum it up?!

We were so excited that our friends, Jeff & Holly, from Va Beach came to visit for the 4th weekend! We tried to give them as much Pittsburgh flavor as we could pack in 3 days, around naps of course! They were such good sports as most of the time we were plowing thru crowds of people!
Max & Marcus were good little troopers!
G & Max had lots of fun playing together. They are 6 months apart, and yep, G is twice his width. :)
the boys
we were outnumbered!
thanks random picture-taker, these don't usually turn out!Jeff & Andrew took in the Pirates game, and they actually beat the Phillies!
On to the fireworks....................did I mention there were lots of people?!!
We basically watched the fireworks from somewhere down there!
Marcus was more into them them Max or Graham!
G immediately started crying when they started and said he wanted to go ni-night. So this was his postition during them, apparently he was over the excitement!
he's never been up 3 hours past his bedtime!it was a great fireworks show!!
Fun weekend! We are exhausted, I am pretty sure we exhausted our guests! But it was all good. Of course our favorite moment of the weekend we didn't get pics of - Saturday night after the kids went to bed, we grilled bbq chicken on the deck and topped it off with s'mores. ah, peaceful!
Thankfully, we have monday to crash & recupe! I am sorry our guests aren't so lucky. :(
I do believe the 4th of July should ALWAYS be on a weekend. :)


Katie Barker said...

I totally agree about it being on a feels so much more like a vacation day without all the running around! I love the picture of the 3 of you with G-man sleeping. It's so great :)

juliechall said...

Looks like a blast! Glad you had so much fun :)