Thursday, July 22

the hat junkie

It's quite possible that only the grandmas noticed that we've been a little MIA.
All I can say is that we're in chill mode! It's been hot. really hot. We just finished about 6 weeks of different guests in and out of our home (which we loved!) and we are simply laying as low as possible for a few!
August will be another busy month as we head to MN, NC, & VA, so I think I will take my 2 weeks & relax a bit. :)
When it's too hot to go outside, G's favorite position is looking out the window and he simply loves playing with all these containers!

He now asks for a hat when we leave to go somewhere. Perhaps he is used to seeing daddy grab one from the rack as we leave! But this day, he was convinced he needed all 3 - his and 2 of daddy's!
How much do I love my $5 Kohl's find? so much!!
Hope you all are enjoying a little chill time during these warm months!


{B} said...

so, I probably shouldn't tell you this, but it is a cool 64 degrees here in Oregon today;-) I think it is supposed to get to the high 70's/lo 80's today though.

okay, so now that you hate my guts........ ;-)

love those shoes on G!
( especially those cute little chunky ankles hanging out! )

Wesley and Katie Kouba said...

Virginia????? The beach definitely misses you!!!

suzanne said...

LOVE those shoes! Too cute!

kellyH said...

yes, Katie! we're coming Labor Day weekend, so we really hope you're in town!! words. I'll try to be friends still. God may call me to the West Coast. :)

Anonymous said...

Graham is getting sooo big! Nice shoes!

the johnson crew said...

very cute shoes. great deal!

sounds like a great summer. have a good trip!

JordanandSue said...

Those shoes are just awesome- Graham is just adorable :) Love those hats!!! Hope we can catch up while you're here in September!