Sunday, July 11

a weekend of firsts

oh, yes, did I mention firsts?!

First #1: hubby gets the flu. I think this is the first time since we've been married that Andrew has been really sick. When I picked him up from work on friday, he was shaking with chills & fever. His temp hovered around 102/103 for a lot of the weekend and he was really down for the count. So my nursing skills got put to work!
First #2: sleeping in separate quarters. Don't worry, no marital strife here, but though it was probably too late, I was doing my best to avoid getting the plague that seemed to have gotten graham earlier in the week and then Andrew. So I took to the upstairs guests room. It actually turned out to be a good thing for first #3. we'll see if it worked.
First #3: a short night of sleep! Well, not a total first, but for the first time since Graham was probably 2/3 months old! We've been pretty lucky to escape many nighttime escapades. I have been pretty happy with my regular 8 hours of sleep each night for the last 14 months. And thankful. Very thankful!
Anyways, G wakes up about 10:30, (just as I'm drifting off!) and cried and cried. I rocked and patted and soothed, nothing worked. This was totally abnormal.
First #4: sleeping with G. I have a rule, no kids sleeping in our bed. :) I figure I'll probably spend the night worrying about smothering him or getting kicked by little feet or G has slept in his crib since the first night we brought him home. But last night (since I had extra space in my bed anyways) and he just wouldn't calm down, I finally brought him to bed with me. The only way he would calm down would be to lay sprawled across me. Fav position #1 (for him): head in my adam's apple, breathing hot little breath into my neck. very cozy. very. I tried to re-position him several times lying on his own and he would cry and cry. He finally fell asleep in fav position #2: body sprawled completely across me. Really? that's comfortable? But only one of us was sleeping. :) After a while I tried to move him and more crying. So then I gave up and took him back to his bed where he did settle down and go to sleep. Until 3 am. another bout of crying. And then 7 as well.
What was up? Sunday morning, I go to change his diaper and his poor little boy-part is swollen to twice it's normal size. OK, that explains a lot. Our poor little guy. So every time he peed, he must have been in terrible pain.
Of course it would be that I was scheduled for the nursery at church this morning. So in between making sure Andrew was ok and caring for G and getting presentable to go to the Dr, I was trying to get someone to cover! Thankfully, I finally found a very gracious recipient!
So, off to the dr. we go!
Turns out he had a definite bit of infection. Poor little guy.
He is still crying every time he pees and is in such obvious pain, but when he's not peeing, he's as happy as normal. Thankfully, he was able to take 2 good naps today and we're hoping for a better night!
The good news, while Andrew is still on the mend, he was able to function a little today!
And did I mention, it was so fun to snuggle my sweet boy, even though it was like cuddling a small heater?
All is well here, just a little unplanned excitement for our weekend!
So, here's crossing our fingers that G's RX works quickly and we don't have any more firsts for this weekend. I think that was enough for me. :)


Katie Barker said...

Oh wow! What a weekend! I'm glad there was a reason for the sleepless night and that a remedy seems to be on the way. Hope your men feel better soon.

the johnson crew said...

oh poor little graham. I feel so bad for him. I am so glad you found out what was wrong and were able to take care of it.

I am not sure what is worse, a sick kid or sick husband. :)

I am glad you are posting these things for memory sake. Reading of your sleep struggle with Graham Sprawled across you reminds me so much of Malachi when he is sick.

Praying for you.


suzanne said...

Sorry you had such a rough night! I hate sleeping with my kids, too. It only happens a handful of times at our house, but I always regret it. It never turns out well . . .

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

JordanandSue said...

Poor little guy! I hope he's on the mend :( We slept with Elyse in our king-size (thankfully!) bed last weekend, and it was the best and WORST thing every :) HA! Best because we want to cherish every moment and worse because she was kicking and flopping all over (even in her sleep!) and even sat up and pointed at some butterflies...??? I hope you can get a nice nap today~