Thursday, March 31

a little insanity, but other than that, all good.

I've missed keeping up on all your blogs and I sure could share plenty of stories EVERY night!
But nope, 5 minutes a day online doesn't leave much time for that.
Overall, we are doing great. We are definitely settling into a routine and so blessed by our sweet, amazing children and thankful to God for adding them to our lives.
But it still feels like I get through most days accomplishing very little. :)

This weekend Mama & Papa Hughes came for a visit. Graham just adores them and it was much too short of a visit. Eden was excited (in her own way!) to meet them for the first time.
Our baby girl is 7 weeks today!
I am so sad that she's outgrown her newborn clothes. :( But as you can see, those cheeks and belly are definitely doubling in size. :)
There is something about the 2nd child that they seem to grow twice as fast.
I seriously could smell her soft head and kiss her chubber cheeks all day. She's so sweet! She's such a good baby. She only cries when she's hungry and has taken to a good routine so much more quickly than Graham did. (Though I think I am much better at directing her routine this time around!) Our rough time is still 8pm-midnight. We have not had good success with getting her down for the night before that. AGH. I am looking forward to an earlier bedtime any time now. :) But once she is down, she has gone 7 hours several times, so for that I am very thankful!
oh yes, and we're going for round #2 in the potty training! fyi, nursing & potty training at the same time is not awesome. Poor Eden......guess who gets the shaft? :) I think the first time was difficult for G because we were in and out of the house so much. So he would simply hold it until he was wearing a diaper again. :) I figure we're staying home right now more than we ever will, so it's a good time to try!
We just started this chart today and as you can see, had quite a few successes! Though he sometimes whimpers and cries when he's actually going. He does not like that part! But we'll see. I am not going to force him if I feel like he's not ready. But he definitely can hold it, tells me (as soon as he starts going!) and then can stop and start, so I think those are all positive signs. So we'll see how it goes, wish us luck. :-)

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