Thursday, March 10

one month

baby E is one month old!
I can't lie. I don't know that I remember a lot of what has happened this month. :)
Except that we have been blessed! Having my mom here for 2 weeks was wonderful and between our church and the Momtourage we had meals that covered almost 2 weeks. That was awesome. SO thankful for all those who cooked for us!
And I also know this: our baby girl is so sweet and I love having a girl more than I could have imagined!
We're slowly getting in a pretty good routine. I even had one day that both kids napped at the same time. THAT was a really good day! It's ironic that in the first month when you need sleep the MOST, it's the most elusive. Oh well, we all survive! and on way less sleep than we think. Eden is getting on a good schedule and doing pretty well with a good eat, wake, sleep routine. She goes around 4-5 hours at night so we're definitely looking forward to that going into a longer stretch. But I still keep reminding myself she's only a couple of weeks old! Overall, baby is the easy one of the fam right now. The two year old tornado is our current challenge.
Our friend who did some family pictures for us last spring, called us this weekend and offered to come take some pictures of baby E! We were thrilled and SO thankful for his kindness! It was a rainy day so we were stuck inside and Eden slept thru the whole thing, but it was fun!
And then Graham thought surely it was his turn to pose in the basket. :)
Almost impossible to get a decent family shot with a 2 year old that only has one mode - GO!

I love that Michel thought to do some shots on this rug.
If you're looking for a great photographer, be sure to check out One Way Street Production!


kim said...

I love the pictures! the next to last one of all four of you is way cute!

juliechall said...

Very sweet! I am learning that the simple picture days are gone with Brynne. It takes a lot of creativity :)

Danielle Peck said...

What a beautiful family! I love the pictures. Especially the one of the 3 of you watching G crawl away, haha :)