Friday, March 18

turning the corner.....

As Eden hit the 5 week mark this week, I definitely felt the relief that brought! I don't know if it's that way for you other moms, but I remember 5 weeks being a good turning point for us with Graham as well.
She has always done pretty great during the day, but we would hit about 5pm and she would want to eat about every 1.5-2 hours until 11. Exhausting! and then we could rarely get her to settle in for the night before midnight or 1am. So after going to bed at 1am and then up at 5am for a feeding and then Graham suddenly started waking up at 6:30 for some reason! (thankfully that seems to have passed). I was pretty much running on fumes by the end of that first month! And I found the biggest change about child #2 is that you don't so much have the option of "sleeping when baby sleeps". Every day one child would go down to nap just as the other was waking up. But here at week 5 everything seems to be settling into a good routine. Eden has settled into a more consistent time routine and we've even had several coordinated naptimes. YAY for that!
Overall she has been a way more laid back and easy-going baby than G was that first month, I am so thankful for that. Graham is just loving on her all the time. He wants to kiss her and poke her and help with her. He's so excited when she's awake and just stands there and says "hi baby" over and over! We had about a week where he seemingly "forgot" how to obey, but after a couple of reminders he seems to be back to his sweet self. I will say that either he suddenly has twice the energy or else I just might has half the energy. :)
The Sickies:
Graham picked up a cold earlier this week and I was just praying that baby E would escape, but (probably because her brother enjoys breathing in her face!), she got a terrible stuffy nose. It's so sad. Graham didn't get his first cold until he was 11 months old, but I guess that's what happens with following children!
And then friday night I suddenly got terrible chills and a fever and I am guessing what was some form of the flu. YUCK-E. We somehow made it thru friday morning, mostly because I turned on PBS kids and let G watch to his hearts content while I napped beside him. Desperate measures!! Andrew was able to come home at noon and what a relief it was to have him take over and be home for the weekend. Hoping for a quick recovery!
Overall, we are so much enjoying our little family of 4!
for some reason G's eyelashes have recently gotten longer & thicker. Hope E is so lucky!
typical :)


Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

I thought that 5 weeks was the timing for us as well that things started getting easier! Emily finally was getting in a good sleeping pattern and things started going more smoothly! So thankful the newborn adjustment stage is not longer...5 weeks seems long as it is!

JordanandSue said...

What cute pictures! Glad you're finding your groove- what cute kiddos you have :)