Monday, March 19

St. Patty's Day fun

You would think we would have more 'kelly green' in this house.....but this was the best we found!
I do believe we were the least green-dressed people at the parade, but E for effort. :)
Downtown for the St. Patty's parade 
In the parking ramp, our reflection across the road 
patiently waiting.............. 

Andrew split to head to see some NCAA games, so I couldn't have done it without Kristin! 
snack time

there were a lot of bagpipes. a lot. 
a 20 minute break in the getting restless.....
Finally, Mr. Joe Biden literally comes running down the road among about 50 Secret Service.  
LOTS of interesting characters out. :) 
We left watching the parade after about an hour & a half. We hung out downtown, got some lunch and the kids ran in the park. The weather was so perfect!
When we left downtown after about 3.5 hours, the parade was still going on!
Apparently people really are into their St. Patty's Day.

 Let's take a nice sibling picture.
Or not. :)
(we'll take the above sweet hand-holding shot!)

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