Tuesday, February 28


time to blog? not so much.

what to write? so much happening, but yet the days sometimes blend together as well.

what would you like to hear about?

that we're heading towards 60 degrees this week and that makes me so.very.happy.

that I finally got my act together and paid my simple $5 to get more picture storage again. So now here we are staring at you when you stop by + it was time for an update. =)

that Graham just stopped in the middle of drawing to tell me, I love drawing with chalk. It makes me so happy.

that I love making my children happy.

that Eden seems to be into everything (!!) these days including the trash, up the stairs, standing on tables, into the cupboards, putting ladybugs in her mouth....she's a full time job on her own. :)

that we have one more show this week ~ Disney on Ice ~ and then my rep tells me that show season has ended. We have sure been blessed by being able to go to so many fun events this winter.

that Eden's new favorite thing is to find a book and then scoot backwards into my lap. At which point Graham HAS to join the fun. we've been doing a lot of bookreading all together. it's the best.

that we have too many trips planned for this summer and not enough vacation days for Andrew. problem.

that I have greatly enjoyed gathering with a few very good friends every other Monday and going through various books. It's been a time of great encouragement & accountability. We're currently doing One Thousand Gifts.

that everyone told me boys will not stop wetting until they turn 3 and it was literally like magic.

that we are so thankful to have consistent date nights between swaps with 2 friends and our favorite gal, Kristin.

that we now live by an Arby's and beef n' cheddars make me more happy than they should. :) serious guilty pleasure.

that our favorite snack around here is Trader Joe's tomato-basil hummus and honey-wheat pretzel sticks. I don't like sharing with a certain 3 yr. old who gobbles both up too soon. :)

that Eden throwing her sippy cup off her tray constantly is driving me crazy.

that her giggles are the best and that she loves to be tickled.

that Graham is in a current 'i hate dinner' phase and his reaction every night to supper is "ewwww, I don't like that". So uplifting after slaving in the kitchen. :) He would exist solely on fruits & veggies if I let him. There are worse things.

that Andrew & I are currently reading Real Marriage by the Driscolls and it's excellent.

that we're watching Blue Bloods, The Firm and Harry's Law.

that if you're having guests stop by, serve these glazed cinnamon scones warm and I promise they'll rave. And you & your spouse may eat whatever's left over when they leave. I mean, not that we did, but you might. *wink, wink.

that Graham spends endless time at the kitchen table playing with these 20 little plastic dinosaurs. I love hearing his elaborate storylines, including them saying I love you and him telling them to be patient. :)

that the music you'll hear through our speakers right now is The Gathering and Seeds of Character.

that last week, Graham gave me a hug and an I love you and said I'll pray for you to feel better. Dear God, please help mommy feel better, amen.

that those moments are what make you full to overflowing.


cranny + b said...

I loved this post.
so, so much!

Yep, we would be the people that would totally eat the leftovers, er, I would anyway : )

Suzanne said...

We are reading Real Marriage, too!
And I love seeds worship.