Tuesday, February 14

Valentine's Day then ~ Valentine's Day now

Just 2 carefree, fresh-faced kids.
Valentine's Day ~ 9 years ago
wow, this makes us look old now. =)

Tonight's Valentine's dinner was spent listening to a certain toddler complain about how much he disliked eating by candlelight.
Yes, we heard you the first 6 times you mentioned it. :o
But good news: date night is tomorrow night!
We did have some sweet moments today.....and by sweet I mean that Graham had eaten all 3 of his little heart box of chocolates by 10 am.
{but this was a pretty sweet moment too. xoxo.}
 {and containing the wild ones while mommy cooked dinner}
 pretty in pink.................
 I found a card that said,
I love how these moments turn into our memories.
So true.
Love you, babe.

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