Friday, February 24

Birthday Fun

Double birthday bash - ice cream style
To make the Ice Cream Cones - Cake style:
cake balls: 1. Bake a 9X13 cake of your choice (either from a box or from scratch - any flavor will work). 2. After allowing the cake to cool completely tear up the cake and put it in a LARGE bowl. 3. Add a tub of icing (you can use icing from scratch as well but the tub icing tends to hold things toge...ther better - any flavor icing will work). 4. Squish the frosting into the torn up cake until it is fully incorporated (it will be play-doh consistency). 5. Make balls by hand or by using a small ice cream scooper. 6. Allow cake balls to dry overnight or for several hours.
I put the cake balls in the fridge overnight in a 9x13 pan and then assembled the cones the next day.
Waffle cones from walmart. I used the spray can frosting for the topping & topped with a cherry. I let them sit in the fridge until it was party time to make sure they were good and set.
So simple, but so great. :)
{If I do say so myself.}
Some fun personalized items from Birthday in a Box
looking so grown up!

some fun items from a favorite, Shop Sweet Lulu

doing her smash cake was so fun!
yes, she thoroughly enjoyed it!
so sweet!

Thanks Studio S Photography!

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