Thursday, February 16

a few snapshots of the birthday fun...............

We had a fun time on Saturday celebrating Graham's 3rd and Eden's 1st birthday!
We had decided to do them together and go with the age/friend guideline.
So Graham got to invite 3 of his friends. Conveniently, one of them had a baby sister who is Eden's little friend, thus her +1. =)
I was so hoping for the kids to be able to go sledding, but we've had very little snow this winter. However, it ended up snowing for much of Friday & Saturday ~ perfect timing!
We went with an ice cream cone theme with bright blue & pink for colors.

This is quite hilarious because it looks like G is wiping away tears (of joy?) during our happy birthday rendition.....but I believe he was just caught in a funny moment!

I made cake balls, topped them with frosting & a cherry.
The kids kept asking when we were going to open this "present"!

 Who's standing on a chair....again!

Mike Mulligan & the Steam Shovel - such a fun book!

Zephyr wasn't quire sure what to think of these moves of Eden...but he was sweet!

pink toes!

A couple of months ago, a local photographer had contacted me about doing some promoting for her and offered to do a photo shoot for our family. I immediately thought of the upcoming birthday party and how great it would be to have some nice photos of that.
Hopefully I can post some more when they're done.....but go here to see some of the great pics she took!

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