Monday, April 23

14 (+) months

Ok, I missed her 13 month update, then her 14 month passed.
So I am determined to get a few things written before 15 months comes (in 2.5 wks).
I still can't help giving so many kisses to those soft baby cheeks!
She is definitely coming into her own and she is one determined chicca.
She used to be SO fussy between about 4-7, but I am happy to say I think we're slowly passing that phase (YAY!)
She is a happy girl who loves to giggle.
{Especially when she's running away with something she's not supposed to have} 
She loves to listen, dance & clap to music.
And a little hand-raising sometimes. :)
She loves clothes and this combines 2 favorites - some item of clothing draped on her and typing on the computer. She also loves to come and slam the keyboard inside when mommy's working on it. Not very subtle is she? :)
She loves to be outside. We miss our warm weather that was here for a very brief time. She grabs her shoes and brings them to me. Or sometimes she tucks her hand in mine and leads me to the door.
Chalk is always fun!
She loves to put things on her head, especially baskets.
Ironic that getting her to wear a hat is quite a battle. :)
Get this thing off me!

I love when they both fall asleep on the way home from playdates.
It makes me want to keep driving and driving! I am so thankful that E allows me to put her right to bed when we get home and still takes a good nap. Seems like G never did that and I was always fighting to keep him awake.
Speaking of naps, I'm dabbling with the idea of easing her out of morning nap.
It's usually under an hour now. And she seems to do pretty well on Sundays now when she only gets 15-20 minutes to sleep before we're out the door.
She absolutely squeals when daddy comes home.
Attack of the dad!
This week was the first that I caught her standing on TOP of the dining room table. That little chair she is standing on? She has learned to carry it around and build herself stepping stones to get on the highest object possible.
Crazy girl!
This is also a favorite pose that always makes her giggle!
driving on a playdate
As soon as she sees me start making dinner, she grows this strange attachment to my leg. :) A little trick I use with her (& used to with G), is giving them their bowl of veggies to munch on. Somehow they gobble them up faster than they would at dinner.
 Not many words yet, but G wasn't really talking at this age yet either. She's slowly starting to have a few distinguishable babbles. She also loves to randomly yell - and yes, her lungs work well.
Some kids have a list of 10 words they say by age one, but not my kiddos! The pediatrician asked me at her 1 yr. check-up if she was communicating.....yep, no worries there. She can definitely get her point across. :)
We love our sweet & spunky little Eden!

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