Sunday, April 8

a great day

Since we knew Sunday would be a full day, we decided to do our first family Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. It involved jelly beans, so it was a big favorite.

 is this here, let me help you or give me all your goods, sister...............??

 After church on Sunday, we were invited to our friends', Eric & Laura. They have a downtown condo and were so gracious in letting our kiddos invade! Thankfully they left it in one piece :) and for the second Sunday in a row, Eden napped well in a strange place.
This allows us much more freedom on Sundays!
Mama Hughes sent them special Easter outfits - we were likin' the purple/grey! 
We didn't like picture time so much.  

You know it was a tiring day when Graham asks to nap on the couch when we get home!
Mommy & Daddy jumped on the purple wagon as well.
And ironically, 5 out of 6 worship team members.
3 men all choosing purple shirts..............what are the chances?!
 We had such a great Sunday service ~ loved being a part of it.
Thankful to everyone who has been so kind in their encouragement as Andrew settles into his new role.
And I love our red church doors. =)

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jeileenbaylor said...

3 things...
#1 Beautiful family picture :)
#2 Those outfits on the kids are ADORABLE!
#3 That pic of Eden crying is hilarious ;)