Thursday, April 26

a wet garage sale

Last Saturday morning we decided to pull off a garage sale
(2 neighbors also joined in).
We advertised it starting at 8am.
At 6:20am someone was poking around my neighbor's driveway. 
At 7am, 4 people were looking at Andrew (standing there in his pj's) and asking where the sale was. Vultures, I tell ya!
So Andrew quickly got dressed and starting pulling all our stuff up from the basement.
They also felt the freedom to paw through each item as it arrived + give him tips as to how things should be placed. :)
This to the man who hadn't shaved, eaten breakfast or put on deoderant.
I was trying to get the kids up, dressed & given breakfast.
They were excited to wander in & out and make friends with our visitors.
The professional garage-salers hung out on our street for over an hour.
Our one neighbor refused to bring anything out until 8am (haha!) and they literally wandered the street until they did.
Thank you for the $3 you spent - was it worth your time?!
Such a bummer that it was cold & rainy. But we still had pretty good traffic.
And thank goodness for a nice porch which allowed us to keep our sale open!
We were able to get rid of a few big ticket items which I think made it worth it.
Andrew was able to sell a couple things on Craig's List after we were done as well.
The best part - 6 boxes of stuff in our basement are now empty + a few big items are now gone! The overflow is heading to our local thrift store - def not coming back here to live!
We set up a lemonade/cookie stand for Graham to try for the first time.
He ended up making $5.
But seeing as how his cookie box was empty, this means he either ate or gave away a good majority!
His basic strategy was to walk up and shove a cookie in someone's hand. And seriously, the people that still refused? You're cold. :} But not bad for his first sale!
Next time, I think we'll plan for June......but I am happy it's over!

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