Tuesday, May 22

the crazy kids around here.......

'nuff said.
 On a recent Momtourage playdate we went to a small zoo/petting farm.
With his best girl
didn't take him long to love doing this! 
our sweet friend Bethany came with us
 Eden was a little nervous at first, but by the end she loved it as well.
Free fresh flowers daily, picked from my yard?
Yes, please!
I am constantly amazed at how much Eden is imitating us.
Her new fave is to lift the potty lid, then lift up her shirt to go potty.
I sure appreciate her initiative, but she may be a little disappointed when she learns she can't go potty like her brother. =) 
 She recently entered her first I don't want to eat phase.
 Not a happy day.
The amount of food that is getting thrown on the floor.....agh!
This is after she licked the butter off her banana bread.
And then threw it on the ground, of course.
How it ended up in her hair...not sure!
 Stickers, yes! The one on his mouth, not a bad idea. :)
Seriously, in the car today it was mommy.... mommy..... mommy....
So much to say, so little time. =)
And he is a new lover of flannel.
Shirt score = $2. flannel pj's  (below) = $3.
He loves them and wants to wear them every day. Except that it's 70+ degrees. He doesn't seem to mind.
 She is usually yelling about something. =)
 Is that Graham back there in the goal? why yes it is.
He was very happy to get a medal for his stellar season. =)
However, we determined that 3 is probably too young.
There was quite a big difference between the 3 yr. olds & the 4 yr. olds who were playing.  
If you're on the fence, don't be afraid to wait.
At least we had some beautiful days for his last few games!
 Graham talks about going to school every.single.day.
We don't know what we're doing for school, but I will say if we did homeschool he would probably be quite disappointed! He cannot wait to get on the school bus, get his backpack, pack a salad for lunch (huh?!) and go to school.
So I printed out some "school sheets" and he was very thrilled to match the upper case letters to the lower case. I guess I'll have to find some more good printable for him!
The other night before bed we were reading a book about what to be when you grow up....
He decided all he wanted was to go to a football game. Poor kid is sure deprived isn't he? Somebody get that boy some football tickets!
But then after thinking about it, he decided he would rather stay my little boy. (awwwww.)
And he also wanted to stay young so he could just play with his toys.
Yep, these kiddos are always doing something crazy around here.
We could never complain about boredom. for sure.


cranny + b said...

you'll understand this. . .

I had someone ask me on the phone today when would it be a good time to call and talk during the day. I sat there trying to think of one solid amount of time where the boys wouldn't be too needy of me or I wouldn't be doing needful things around the house. .

and. . .

how 'bout 10pm? : )

haha! It's a great busyness, but boy is it busy!

the johnson crew said...

loved the pictures of your cuties. Graham is so grown up. - Salad for lunch LOL!

JordanandSue said...

Thanks for answering the soccer question for me! :) loved hearing all those funnies, too...