Wednesday, May 2

soccer time

It's been an interesting first soccer season for us. 
Graham's season is 7 weeks long and it's been cold and/or rainy almost every one. 
This day was one of the few that he wasn't wearing a hat & gloves!
He needed a little coaxing to join in the game at first. 

They don't keep score and the coaches run around on the field with them directing.
Which is good or G would get very distracted!
{He still sometimes runs to us from the field by the end of the hour}

  "I choose you."
 To run around the field with me the entire game. 
 "Mom, this is Mike. He was lost and so I am showing him where to go."
Poor Mike. 
 And I believe this is where Mike is probably saying, Coach, this boy won't let go of me!
 He actually didn't do too bad as the goalie - even had a save!
soccer dad 
soccer mom.
have camera, will shoot.  
soccer sister. 
{mostly just wants to run on to the field.}
thanks to Kristin for the pics!
 does that look intense or what. 
 a favorite part is snack time after the game. :)
Here's hoping for a little warm & sunshine for our last few games!


the johnson crew said...

awe, what cute little soccer players.

Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

Looks like fun...Megan will be starting up t-ball soon if we can work it with a new baby. can't wait!

cranny + b said...

so. so. fun! Can't wait til our G is on the soccer field. And, oh yeah, you know I'll be taking pictures! ha! : )