Monday, May 14

we went to see Yogi Bear and loved every second of it.

Recently Andrew & I realized that since Graham had been born, we had never taken a family trip that was not to see our extended family. We began to plan on how we could squeeze in some type of getaway that wouldn't cost a lot or dip into Andrew's time off.
Enter Certifikid (think Groupon, but family deals for Pittsburgh, DC, Va Beach, Baltimore, Delaware, & Philly). A 2 night stay at Jellystone Park for less than 1/2 price! In Hagerstown, MD which was exactly 3 hrs. away.
When I reserved our weekend, I didn't even realize at the time it would be Mother's Day, but it turned into perfect timing. We seriously had the
The beauty of being away, in nature, no schedule, no computer, the kids getting covered in dirt & able to roam, it was blissful.
It is no secret I am not in to camping.
I have some rules.
#1: no children under age 1
#2: no tenting
#3: a real bathroom
So enters the Cozy Cabin.
Only one room, but also included a bathroom & full fridge.

 Yes, it was cozy, but it worked. That's the bathroom door aka Eden's bedroom. :)
I was thankful we at least had a quiet place to stick her! She thankfully has no trouble sleeping away from home. Graham on the other hand, can wake up anywhere from 6-10 times in a strange place. AGH! Thankfully night #2 was a little better!
The kids just loved being able to spend so much time outside.
Eden sampled both dirt & sand just to be sure how it tasted.
You can't go wrong with buckets & shovels.

 Most boys carry a stick. This one carrys an entire tree branch.  
 We had the perfect weather.
Warm & sunny, but yet it also stayed nice & cool in the woods.
 Much prettier than your typical campground!
 We missed the opening of the waterpark by one week.
 I guess we'll have to go back. =)

 There were so many included amenities including an outdoor theatre, mini golf, pedal carts, playgrounds, was just the perfect family place!

Just barely got all 3 in the shot. :) 

 He was loving' these things!
Every time we passed one, it was take my picture, mom. So no, I won't post all 20 pics. :)
Still working on just the head shot. :)

Yogi was a huge hit with Graham!
(they also got to say the Pledge of Allegiance and do Yogicize one morning with Boo Boo. And Cindy made some appearances as well.)
 the double marshmallow roaster

I'm not adventurous enough to cook all the food over the campfire yet.
The electric skillet was a perfect companion.
 Once you've eaten yogurt on your pancakes, you might never go back to syrup.
So yummy.
Also a very special treat - watching cartoons on the 12 inch tv.
Read: no worry of theft. :)
 Bacon burgers over the fire. Oh yes.  
{Cholesterol counting: tomorrow.}
 3 yr. old grumpy pants. :)
 It's not vacation without a blue popsicle.
 Delighting in the gift of my children.  

Sign of a good time.  
The very best weekend.


mrsdkmiller said...

Hagerstown is my hometown, but I never knew a treasure like Jellystone was in my back yard! I'm glad you guys had such a good weekend.

kellyH said...

well, you must check it out if you get the chance! =)

Katie Barker said...

ah - looks like a good ol' fashioned family vacation!

kellyH said...

I know, simple pleasures. =)

cranny + b said...

so neat, Kelly. I think we're feeling the need for one of these-- and Oregon is full of these types of places, as you might imagine! : ) We so need to schedule a little time away. So glad you had a happy mother's day, friend!

juliechall said...

This looks super fun! I'm so glad you had a great get-a-way.
Ps. Rob thinks since we don't have a place to live in CO yet, that we should camp (in a tent) until we find one. I have had some very strong thoughts on this :)

kellyH said...

oh dear Julie. bad, bad Rob! well, you should at least rent a cabin! =)

jeileenbaylor said...

OH looks like you had SO Much fun :)