Thursday, January 3

Gushing blood is never good.

Particularly when mommy is not home and faint-at-the-sight-of-blood daddy is on duty. Particularly when mommy's phone is in her bag in the grocery cart and she doesn't notice she missed 4 calls till 45 minutes later.
Anyone that has seen our little monkey walk up & down stairs without holding on to anything (since she was 18 months), leap from one thing to the next, scramble up to the top of big brother's new bunk bed, or a myriad of other hold your breath stunts knows a trip to the E.R. was inevitable. This one apparently involved standing on a child chair that tipped over and landed the back of her head of the corner of the cabinet. Poor Andrew. Poor Graham. Andrew is trying to be calm for Graham but these things really do freak him out. He accidentally let out the word ambulance in one of his frantic messages to me and then I hear Graham start wailing and saying, "my sister, my sister!" It was so sweet how distraught he was for her. He was a big helper to daddy fetching phones, wipes, & ice packs, and then stroking her back for a long time.
So mommy finally arrives home and Eden & I head to Urgent Care. I was so dreading the drama of when Graham got stitches on his eye around this age. But they put a topical numbing cream on it and one quick staple and she didn't even cry. Luckily, mommy had a candy cane in her purse and she managed to wrap the male nurse around her finger and came away with about 20 stickers. :) So other than a 3 hours late bedtime, she doesn't seem any worse for wear and slept soundly all night.

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