Monday, January 28

I'm a Big Girl now.

Well, they say girls are easier to potty-train than boys, but let me tell you, I think I got pretty lucky here. For every mom that says "I just used this sticker chart, sang this song, and fed a few m&m's and bam: potty-trained" you have 10 moms that have pulled their hair out for months, done loads upon loads of laundry, and cleaned up more pee than they want to see in their lifetime. So when people ask me about Eden's potty-training I am very clear: I had little to do with it. I got really lucky. :) The thing that most surprises me is that she comes and tells me when she has to go. I still often have to force Graham away from what he's doing sometimes to take a potty break.
When kiddos train before 2, did you know it's really hard to find underwear that fits? At first she was swimming in 2t/3t, but that's the smallest I could find. I actually ended up using a lot of those little diaper cover pieces that often come with little dresses. If at 12 months they fit over a diaper, at 18 months they fit a bum perfectly. :) I also hate kids stuff with cartoon characters on it...finding underwear without that? Good luck! But Old Navy came through for me.
At 15 months she started asking to go in the potty and I would sit her on it and she would go. What? Half the battle right there. At 18 months we gave it an offical full-time try, but ultimately decided she wasn't quite ready. At 22 months she decided she hated wearing diapers, so it was definitely either train or start cleaning up a lot. She has had very few accidents and even mostly stays dry during naps and overnight. Hello polar opposite of Graham.
 Seriously, it's like magic.
I used no sticker charts, candy or songs.
We cheer when she goes potty.
Yay for simple motivations.
It's really cute at 11pm when she goes and starts half-heartedly clapping and saying yayyyyy........yawn. :)
Took a few weeks to get #2 in the potty, but she seems to be getting more consistent. I'm still keeping her in pull-ups for now when we're out & about till we're 100% in that area.  The only down-side: the nights. Graham has yet to stay dry at night and doesn't seem to care to that much. Eden, not so much. So she's been waking up 2 or 3 times a night for the last few weeks. Really not fun. Can you just pee in your diaper, really? :)
After almost 4 years of cloth diapering, I am beyond excited to have a break. I think CD moms are twice as excited when their kids potty train. :) Although, we could get a baby in the next few months, but for now I'll enjoy it!
Good job, big girl! (and thank you very, very much.)



cranny + me said...

This is wonderful! I know-- since Graeme was so easy, I fully expect Jobie to be terrible : ) Payback has to come sometime, right? : )

Jessica Gardner said...

Landon potty trained super easy too. And i even don't put a pull up in him atty night and he stays dry. Carson still soaks his pull up. Weird!