Wednesday, January 30

happy birthday.

Birthday mania has in 3 birthdays in 12 days!
Andrew's day was pretty low-key. I and the kiddos have been battling sickness for about 2 weeks. It appeared to have cleared up for the weekend and then Monday we all got hit hard again. So beside not feeling well, we've both been up a lot at night with Eden who sleeps terrible when she's not feeling well. :-/
I am so, so thankful I had made a lasagna & breadsticks last week to take to a family with a new baby and said baby had not arrived yet (although ironically, the baby was born on his birthday!), so I was able to pop his favorite meal right out of the freezer. I am sure God knew I was going to need that for this day. :)
But we managed to make Deep Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cake with a yummy Marshmallow Buttercream Frosting. Although the inside did not look exactly like the picture. Pinterest shocker, I know. :)
 Graham's card says, Dad, You the best. You are special. I love you. Happy Birthday to you. And he signed all our names. :) Graham & Eden LOVE their daddy. As soon as Eden hears a key in the turn she starts squealing "daddy!"  G's favorite thing is to go somewhere with daddy. Daddys have a big responsibility being in the hero category. The post-dinner nap lasted about 30 seconds. I think Andrew would have preferred longer.

Happy birthday. To you.

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