Monday, November 9

Happy To Report...

Several reasons to be thankful!
>After our nap fiasco day, I decided to try something different the next day. I left him alone without going in to battle! The first time resulted in crying. for. a. long. time. And then he layed down and slept! The next naptime, no tears at all! So... you are told to choose your battles, I obviously chose th wrong one! Very thankful that we only had one day of that! whew.

>At church on Sunday, we had a record high of almost 40 attenders. That is huge. I can't explain to you how huge. Wow. We have 2 new couples who seem excited to join us our body, and 2 other new families who visited for the first time on Sunday. We are thrilled to see our little group grow. So exciting to see God moving here in Pittsburgh!

>It was 70 degrees this weekend! I thought the next time I was going to be outside without freezing would be March! I was SO thankful to be wrong! We enjoyed a little outdoor family time on Sunday. We spent some time walking through the campuses of the University of Pitt and Carnegie-Mellon, both of which are very old & beautiful.

Loving being outside! gman sans shoes, of course!

The one-armed, upside-down snack break. Could he be any crazier or is it just extreme talent? :)

Especially thankful for this crazy bundle of fun who cracks us up every day!!

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Jordan & Sue said...

yay! I'm glad the battles are over with that. I know my day is comin'... :( Great pictures!