Tuesday, November 17


Monday: Zoo w/ friends
Tuesday: Playshop @ the library
Wednesday: Playdate at a friend's house
Thursday: Mom has meeting, G play w/ friends
Friday: Kiddy Pittsburgh Symphony Concert w/ friends

Do you think Graham is being over-socialized?!!!

The best thing is, all of these events were free for us through various means. Thank you God, for the FUN you provide for us!

BUT..........oops. I did not mean to end up with a playdate every day this week! Whew. I am glad he's getting to experience lots of fun things, but leaving the house somehow means that mom gets very little done the entire day! We're going to try to stick closer to home next week...................except for those 2 playdates already planned. agghhh. :)

At first I was really kicking myself for probably over-extending both of us this week! But it got me to thinking...several months ago we moved away from a wonderful circle of great friends, especially other young families with little ones. Moving here, we only knew one other family with little ones. In a few short months, God has brought several new young families across our paths and is slowly rebuilding another circle of friendships. So while I would like to take a nap this week (not likely!), I am also reminded and thanking God for filling such a void. And it's not like I can complain, since I'm the one who did it. :) And I do still miss you, my VB friends............. :)
But we're enjoying a fun, if slightly packed, week!


Sean and Charis said...

Sounds like a great week! So glad you are making new friends.

Seth & Bethany Heijermans said...

We miss you too! : ) But glad you're having fun in Pittsburgh!

juliechall said...

I'm so glad you are settling in and enjoying yourself in the process! It was so neat to hear the updates when Adam was here at Cornerstone. God is so good! It makes us so excited to be on to the next thing. As far as play dates - some weeks I wonder how Brynne puts up with all my running around. I'm so thankful that she doesn't just turn into a big grump:)