Sunday, November 1

Our Little Pumpkin

Really, what else could our little roly-poly bundle be?

Does he not just beg to be a pumpkin? :)

We obviously did not go trick-or-treating, but we did have a wonderful opportunity to go visit with about 5 of our neighbors, who we are getting to know. Several of them are older, and they just LOVE Graham. One of our neighbor ladies showed interest in possibly coming to our church & ladies Bible study. We are thrilled and pray that she will!

We were happy to be able to use Halloween for Jesus. :)

I cannot believe Graham has inherited the Hughes men syndrome....eyes are constantly closed for pictures! Can this really be inherited? Andrew and his dad always have their eyes closed! We literally could not get a pic with G & dad without his eyes closed. craziness!

Because our neighbors recognized that Graham didn't eat candy, they decided to give him cash instead. (that was a fun surprise!!) All in all he collected $13! (which yes, mom & dad will put in his savings account and not use it to go out to eat)
One neighbor gave us 4 beets from his garden as well. We didn't expect to come home with cash & beets, that's for sure! I think I will tape a sign on him next year that says he can't have candy, but will accept other donations. :) :) :)

Graham's buddies, Owen & Claire, stopped by for a visit!

Who's that cute little ladybug?

Our day ended with free burritoes from Chipotle! I knew you could get one if you dressed up as a burrito, which I was just not willing to go the trouble for. :) But then we found out that as long as you had a piece of tin foil with you, they would give you one. There was a lot of tin foil in that place! I was just thankful for a free dinner & not having to cook. Yeah!!

We enjoyed our first family Halloween!


Jordan & Sue said...

Aww- he is such a cute pumpkin!!! What a fun evening!

skB said...

money and beets--what a hilarious story! Love that big, little pumpkin!:)

jeileenbaylor said...

Fun times and adorable pics!