Saturday, February 6

the day the snow came...

We kind of get used to ignoring the weatherpeople, since they always overplay weather! However, it seems, this time they were right! 20+ inches in one night! It was fun to have an unexpected snow day (though a week day would have been even better!). However, we were supposed to have graham's birthday party today :( , so we're hoping it can still happen tomorrow!!
UPDATE: church was canceled AND Graham's party. Big bummer!!
On the other hand, 2 days at home, with my boys, pj's, and chillin'..........not SO bad!
Andrew spent 30 minutes with several guys trying to push a car out of our street. It was not easy, and I still don't know when we'll be able to get out! I am SO, SO thankful that we are not one of the thousands that have been without power for days now.

Since the city does not plow our little side street, we are HOPING we can get out for church tomorrow, but it could be doubtful! ready to measure!

I don't think they're going anywhere soon!

went for a walk - we haven't seen that many people out walking since the summer!
tried to hit Sbux and they were closed. boo! (as was almost everything else!) snow is up to his knees!then we came home & made snow cream.....a bucket a [fresh, clean] snow, add some milk, sugar, & vanilla and you have a tasty little treat!

on a side note............someone is walking all the way across our living room!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it's finally happening!


the j. crew said...

so beautiful, but i am so glad it is you and not us! :)

Andy and Davina said...

that's a pretty impressive shoveled walkway you've got there! love the pics :)