Tuesday, February 23

Graham's take on sledding....

*sees tube/hill for the first time*
"oh, boy, you're not really thinking of putting me in that are you?"
"isn't this child abuse?" "so much for going to kindergarten...."
"still breathing, still breathing..."
"here we go again...."
"whew. someone else's turn."
We had a great time sledding (even G, really, despite what he may have told you) and thank the Blumers so much for inviting us!


the j. crew said...

awe fun memories... at least for you and andrew. we have a little hill from the parking lot down into our apartment patio door. It has been fun for our kids to play out there in this long cold winter. Amos and Chi enjoy playing on the hill as long as I am out there.

How are you doing?

The Lesters said...

Didn't know you had a blog. =) Will have to add it to my blog list. The sledding looked like so much fun. That was always my favorite part of winter. Hopefully we will be living up there soon and can enjoy all the snow as well. It doesn't really snow much around here.