Thursday, February 25

The little things...

This really does seem like a small detail in the scheme of life, but I am so thankful for how God daily provides "the little things". Story: Ever since Graham changed rooms to our new house, the light has been an issue. Even though he had dark-brown curtains, the light was affecting his nap times. Every mom knows, that is a real problem! Our solution: tape thick, dark blankets over his windows for maximum darkness. yes, *super cute*. I have been scouting black-out curtains for probably the last 6 months. Found the ones I should probably buy at both target & wal-mart.

Here's their promise:
~Block out over 99% of light
~Save up to 25% on home heating & cooling costs vs. ordinary curtains
~Reduce outside noise by up to 44% vs. ordinary curtains (even better since my neighbor across our [short] street likes to play piano during his naps!)
Not bad for a curtain, right??!
We received some kind cash gifts at Christmas, so I decided that was a top priority! But for the past 2 months, every time I had been in either store, I have been pushing for time, in a rush, a million other things to do, etc...
Last night I was shopping around 9:30 pm, yes, my only chance at an unrushed trip. :) And I decided, this is the day! I am finally taking down those crazy blankets! So I went to pick up the curtains, $42, which I knew to expect. I got home and was looking over my receipt and realized the curtains had rung up for only $20!! Apparently, they are on clearance (which I now know by looking at their website), but I hadn't seen anything posted. So I am just thankful for God's sovereignty in the timing of my purchase. And a little unexpected $22 savings!
If you happen to be in the market for some, there are quite a few on markdown here. (though my in-store price was actually cheaper!)


JH said...

I just got those same curtains from Target through a baby shower my mom hosted for me. I registered for them but knew they weren't the traditional baby shower gift. So I was so excited to get them at the shower. They are for the baby room but I decided to try out a panel in our bedroom (our windows let in WAY too much light and we are used to darkness). Anyway, Joel commmented that we need to steal another panel from the baby room for our other curtain. :) All that to say, I'm with you. So glad you got a good deal. Having black out curtains for the kids rooms has always been a priority for me. They need that darkness to get the picture...Its time to sleep! ~Laura

juliechall said...

I love this idea...we also have "double curtain" going on...and it's driving me crazy. I can't wait to look into these!

Mark and Anne Brumbaugh said...

Totally relate! I got these back when Titus was 14 months and I had to switch him to a toddler bed... His naps went from 2-3 hours down to an hour b/c the light woke him up and he wasn't pinned in by the crib! I bought these and then had to pin them to the wall to keep any light from peeking in... It did help extend naptime... But nothing has helped with the 6:00am wakeup!
Glad you got a great deal!!