Wednesday, February 17

A little diversion...and a new love

So, it's been a while since I bought ground beef. We usually prefer to go the ground chicken or turkey route. But sometimes my hubby like a nice big beef burger, so I went to pick some up. $4 a lb. What?! Did I miss something? Last time I purchased it, it was around $2 a lb. And this was at Wal-mart, not a butcher shop. Wow. ok, sorry, honey. No beef for you!! So, I stuck to my turkey & chicken ($2 or so). But I knew I needed to step something up to wow his tastebuds.

First try: turkey burgers. I am thinking a little dry, a little tasteless, hmmm, definitely need something. I decided a nice, fresh salsa on top would probably help. So I hunted through my produce and came up with onions, garlic, tomatoes, and mango. Sauteed all these together in a little olive oil and threw on top of the burgers. SUCCESS. Very, very tasty!!

Second try: Chicken burgers. Mixed the meat (pre-cooking) with a packet of dry onion soup mix. This gave the meat a great flavor. I happened to have a loaf of home-made bread from my neighbor, so after cooking the burgers, I put them on 2 slices of bread, topped with provolone cheese and BBQ sauce, and then back in the pan to toast up the bread. SUCCESS. Very, very tasty!!

So if your hubby likes his burgers too, this is something to try. I promise, if my husband didn't even miss the beef, your's probably won't either!


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the j. crew said...

sounds yummy kelly!

your sister Katie visited our church this morning. i didn't recognize her, but I am glad she said hi...

made me miss you.

love, janelle